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Basic information
22 inhabitants, 730 above sea level, 14 km north from Nove Mesto, connection by car. It lies on green tourist sign in the protected landscape area Žďarske Vrchy. Information kiosk is situated on the clinker.
The village was found in 18th century. In the years 1944-1945 there acted partisan unit called Glow. It reminds a plaque on the house No. 1 called Partyzánka. The pub in the Samotin was legendary due to herbal liquer called Breeze of Samotin. The pub has not already existed but you can taste the liquor substitute Drátovánek . Herbal liqueur tradition also took a nearly pub in Kadov.
In 1956 there was filmed famous czech  fairytale in Samotin.
Seal of village
The village has own seal from 1767. There is rabbit at conifer and shinning sun.
Folk architecture
Samotin is a typical village with scattered houses and the buildings from timber. An example of a timber building is a listed building No. 23, which dates from the turn of the 18th to 19th century.
Close to the village Samotin are located lot of mountains such as Devět skal (836 m), Dráteničky (775 m), Malínská skála (802 m), Lisovská skála (802 m).
Summer activities
Hiking, biking, mushrooming, climbing, swimming in the pond Milovy, horseriding
Winter activities
Cross-country skiing

Contact Information

  • Address: Samotín
  • GPS: 49° 39' 4.2552" N 16° 4' 19.2396" E

Where to find this place?

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