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Racing track in the Vysočina Arena


Racing track in the Vysočina Arena

Racing track in the Nove Mesto area belongs among the most difficult in the world. They are held on these World Cups in cross-country skiing and biathlon. There is an oval of 450 m, it follows crime long wheel 150 m Original racing tracks in length lead in the forest walkway, then later in the forest Plačkovec. In 2011 built a new route for the Biathlon World Cup which lead in a forest road towards the slope. With existing lines are connected by two tunnels under the road. Race tracks are open to the public during limited hours. The current schedule of hours for the public to find a ski site. Routes are adjusted for both classic and freestyle in the evening are lit. The race track has always move in the indicated direction. All trails are for skiers entrance with beans, sleds, strollers, dogs or shoes are not allowed. Right in the area can use the services of the hotel car park or ski. Admission to the racing line as well as parking is free.

Route Description

  • Length: 2,5 km
  • Difficulty: Difficult trail

Route Map

Route Profile

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Vysočina Arena

49° 34' 37.7832" N 16° 3' 11.106" E

Vysočina Arena, host of The World Biathlon Chamiponship 2013, an annual host of many international cross-country competitions lies at the western edge of Nové Město na Moravě. The country's largest ski, measuring 744 cm in length and weighing 98.5 kg, highlights the local skiing and ski-manufacturing tradition.