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Jimramovské Pavlovice


Jimramovské Pavlovice

Basic information
95 inhabitants, 550 metres above sea level,  12 km northeast from the Nove Mesto, connection to the village by bus, by car. There is a grocery store. Jimramovské Pavlovice lies on the border of the protected landscape area and park Svratecká upland. 
The village was found at the begining of 14th century. The first mention was from the 1350.  The village used to be called only Pavlovice, attribute Jimramovský got up later. At the end of the war 9.5 1945, there died six people. People watched the retreat of German troops and those of them started firing blindly.
Seal of the village
In 1750 the municipality received its seal. It is a bust of St. Paul. From the personal name Pavel name comes from the village.
Folk architecture
The village has been preserved brick and timbered houses, which are evidence of vernacular architecture in the Highlands. 
Summer activities
Hiking, biking, mushrooming, horseback riding, sleigh rides and buggy (farmhouse Totuškovi). 
Winter activities
Cross-country skiing, downhill New Jimramov (5 km). 

Contact Information

  • GPS: 49° 37' 2.3808" N 16° 11' 59.7912" E

Where to find this place?

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