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Cyril Musil


Cyril Musil

Citizen of honour in memoriam since  20.12.2007
Anti-fascict fighter, great sportsman, holder of Czechoslovak War Cross 1939
Cyril Musil was born Studnice 26.11.1907.
He was a great skier. He won A National Chapionship six times, a silver medal at The World Championsip in 1933, he got 9th place at Winter Olympic Games in 1936.
During the war he hid resistance activists at his house in Studnice-Prof. J. Grňa, Gen. Luža, Gen. Pernický and others. He was also active in ani-fascict resistance. He worked as an entermediary and his wife Růžena helped him.  
In 1948 totalitarian regime deduced that his cooperators were from the West and that he was pro-west orientated. He was arrested by STB and condemned for 20 years inprisonment. He escaped from prison in Ilava and got to Canada. He died in 1977.    
There is a memorial plaque at his native house in Studnice.

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