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Around the Fryšava


Around the Fryšava

The route leads the modified tracks for classic style. It is the easy trail with little elevation. The recommended starting point is Tři Studně, where you can enjoy parking in front of the municipal authority. The trail has a few refreshments. Before you come to a track, please check the website, if this circuit is modified.

Route Description

Route Profile

Attractions along the route

Tři Studně [Three Wells]

49° 36' 45.7632" N 16° 2' 11.3172" E

Composer Bohuslav Martinů stayed in Tři Studně in 1938 with the Kaprál family. The wells Barborka and Vitulka rise at the bank of the Sykovce Pond, the highest-elevated pond in the Žďár Hills. Vitulka is named after conductor Vítězslava Kaprálová. At Tři Studně, you may visit Europe's ...

Silver Maples Alley in Fryšava

49° 37' 59.9268" N 16° 1' 58.4184" E

 There is about 41 maple trees, cicumference average 250 cm, hight average 17m, age 150 years.

Pond Medlov

49° 36' 49.1688" N 16° 3' 5.8536" E

The pond is situated on the upper reaches of Medlovka. The pond was founded in the mid-16th century by Vilem from Pernštejn. It has cold watter and area about 25 hectares. In the surrounding grows typical flora. Recreation area was built near the pond in 1930. It is called Medlov Hotel.
Refreshment ...